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10 - 14 January 2017: Eastern India Science and technology Fair 2017 at Birla Industrial & Tech. Museum.

28 - 29 January 2017: EAST INDIA HAM MEET 2017  at Mandarmani Beach.

13 February 2017: World Radio Day Seminar 2017  at Esplanade Metro Rail Station.

18 April 2017: World Amateur Radio Day Seminar 2017  at Birla Industrial & Technological Museum.

16 - 17 December 2017 : HAMFEST INDIA 2017  at Convention Center, Science City.

January 2018:

ARISS Contact with student Radio Amateurs of the Assembly of God Church School, Kolkata.

Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) inspires students, worldwide, to pursue interests and  careers in science, technology, engineering and math through amateur radio communications opportunities with the International Space Station (ISS) on-orbit crew.  Students learn about life on board the ISS and explore Earth from space through science and math activities. ARISS provides opportunities for the school community (students, teachers, families and community members) to become more aware of the substantial benefits of human spaceflight and the exploration and discovery that occur on spaceflight journeys. Students have the opportunity to learn about space technologies and the technologies involved with space communications through exploration of amateur radio. 

Amateur Radio organizations, and space agencies in the USA, Russia, Canada, Japan and Europe sponsor this educational opportunity by providing the equipment and operational support to enable direct communication between crew on the ISS and students around the world via Amateur Radio. Hundreds of Amateur Radio operators around the world work behind the scenes to make these educational experiences possible. Amateur Radio is a popular hobby and a service in which licensed participants operate communications equipment with a deep appreciation of the radio art.

ARISS was created and is managed by an international working group, including several countries in Europe as well as Japan, Russia, Canada, and the USA. The organization is run by volunteers from the national amateur radio organizations and the international AMSAT (Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation) organizations from each country. Since ARISS is international in scope, the team coordinates locally with their respective space agency  and as an international team through ARISS working group meetings, teleconferences and webinars. 

Visit the ARISS home page at for more information.