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Amateur Service Operators' Certificate  Exam:

The passing of ASOC examination is a must for operating amateur radio in India. Without it you cannot obtain an amateur radio licence and operate a radio in India. The examination conducted and the licence is issued by the WPC Wing,  Department of Telecommunication. Ministry of Communications, Government of India.  The examination is conducted several times a year and at several locations. Ours is one such location.

The qualification required for appearing in the ASOC examination are: (1) you must be Indian Citizen and (2) you must have attained 12 years of age.

There are 2 categories of Licences, hence two types of examinations are conducted: Restricted and General.  There are two parts in each of the examination. The first part tests basic knowledge of electronics and the second part tests the rules and regulations pertaining to amateur radio. Additionally for the General Grade examination, you must be proficient in sending and receiving Morse code at minimum speed of 8 wpm. The basic difference between the two grades is that you get lesser transmitting power and lessor modes of operation in Restricted Grade than General Grade.  But, for normal day to-day-use of amateur radio,  Restricted Grade is just sufficient.  

Section A: Radio Theory and Practice.
Section B: Radio Regulations.
The written test consists of Multi Choice Objective Type Questions.

Restricted Grade: The written test will be of one hour duration. The maximum marks will be 100 and candidate must secure at least 40% in each section and 50% in aggregate for a pass.
General Grade: The written test will be of two hour duration. The maximum marks will be 100 and the candidate must secure at least 50% in each section and 60% in aggregate for a pass. One must also qualify in Morse Code at 8 w.p.m.

If you have a Degree or Diploma in Electronics, you will be exempted from Section A (Basic Electronics) of the exams, and will appear in Section B (Rules & Regulation) and Morse Code.

If you are thinking for General Grade, It is advisable that you appear for both the grades of examination, because, if you fail the General, you will be sure to crack the Restricted Grade.

After the examinations, the results will be sent to the successful candidates by the Wireless Monitoring Station.   A letter will be sent from Ministry of Communications & IT, New Delhi to the candidates asking them to send the photos, choice of call-sign and to pay the licence fee. Once it is done, the licence will be issued. The whole process takes several months.

The Examination Fee is ₹ 100/- and the Examination Arrangement Fee is ₹ 980/- = ₹ 1,080/- + GST for each Grade. If you wish to appear for both the grades, the fee will be ₹ 2,160/-

After clearing the ASOC Examination, you will have to apply separately for the Licence to the WPC Wing, Government of India. The licence fee for 20 years is ₹ 1,000/- and for lifetime is ₹ 2,000/-. NOTE: The fees mentioned above, does not the licence fee.

Date of next Examinations:  05 December 2020, Saturday. (Subject to change due to COVID19)
Venue: The Assembly of God Church School, 125/1 Park Street, Kolkata - 700017.
Registration closing date: 30 September 2020 - For external candidates both Restricted & General Category (who will train on their own).

*External Candidates Click the link below for Registering. Please keep your ID Proof, Residence Proof, height and your father's ID & residence proof handy.

Online Training courses

With e-learning, students can turn anywhere with Internet access and electricity into a classroom. It's a rich learning environment with much more flexibility than a traditional ham radio classroom.  We include audio, video, text, animations, virtual training environments and live chats with trainer. Courses of Restricted Grade as well as General Grade are conducted by us as per the syllabus prescribed for Amateur Station Operators' Certificate (ASOC) Examination by the competent authority.

The online courses are for 6 months duration. The sessions will be a July - December and January -June. The medium of instruction is English while the interactive session are multi-lingual (English/Hindi/Urdu/Bengali). This course is available in all online platforms. It is delivered through Google Classroom App. You will also need Google Meet for the interactive sessions. 

Course Fee: 
Restricted Grade: Training ₹800/-
General Grade: Training ₹1,200/- 

Exam Fee:
Restricted Grade: ₹100/-
General Grade + Restricted Grade: ₹200/-

Exam Arrangement Fee:
Restricted Grade: ₹580/-
General Grade: ₹880/-

Date of next Examinations:  05 December 2020, Saturday. (Subject to change due to COVID19)
Venue: The Assembly of God Church School, 125/1 Park Street, Kolkata - 700017.** 
Registration closing date: 30 June 2020.

NOTE: **Outstation candidates need not come to Kolkata to appear for the exam. They may make their own arrangement and appear in their respective states if they wish. In that case, they will register for the course only. Kolkata candidates also may opt for registering for the course only and make own arrangement for the examination. The WPC venues where ASOC Exams are conducted if available in the list:  ASOC EXAM CENTERS 

^Click the link below for Registering. Please keep your ID Proof, Residence Proof, height and your father's ID & residence proof handy. Please chose 

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